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last days in the desert

The Year in Liturgical Cinema: Easter

Note: “The Liturgical Year in Cinema” is an ongoing series, a personal exploration of the thematic connections between the Christian calendar and films. We celebrated Easter Sunday on March 27. This installment explores the connection between our personal Christologies and the cinematic Christ in the sub-genre of Jesus films. It’s come and gone. Easter. Resurrection Sunday. This […]

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hail caesar

The Fixer: HAIL, CAESAR! and the Pastoral Vocation

Eddie Mannix is a good man. At least his priest thinks so when Eddie visits him only a day after his previous confession. “You’re really not that bad,” the priest mutters, a bit exasperated at the film producer’s self-deprecation and religious fervor. There are two scenes in this confession booth with a priest, the bookends […]

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The Year in Liturgical Cinema: Ash Wednesday and Lent

The second essay in The Year in Liturgical Cinema was posted at Christianity Today. (You can read the first essay on Epiphany here). This is a series exploring the theological themes of the Christian liturgical calendar and finding those themes within films. I explored Ash Wednesday and Lent, looking at films regarding human mortality and […]

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ex machina

A Liturgical Year in Cinema – Epiphany

I’ve begun a new series at Christianity Today called A Liturgical Year in Cinema (or, The Year in Liturgical Cinema). I’m exploring the themes of each feast and season throughout the Christian liturgical calendar and writing a theological reflection about those themes as I see them in films. While the beginning of Advent technically kicks off the liturgical […]

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